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Founded in 1978 by four writers who met in the New York Public Library on 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue, The Writers Room is New York City’s first and most acclaimed professional writers' colony – as well as the nation’s original writers' shared writing workspace.  

While it has had four previous homes, The Writers Room is now located at the crossroads of the East and West Village in an historic loft building on Astor Place. The large, airy penthouse space also enjoys inspiring views of the Empire State Building.

Although The Writers Room has some 200 members, their varying schedules assure that one of the room’s 45 partitioned desks is always available.

The Writers Room staff oversees a strict no talking/no phone/no noise policy in the communal work area, ensuring a productive environment. With nearly four decades of experience catering to the needs of professional writers, your Writers Room membership includes benefits that make us unique: high-speed internet access, a LexisNexis account, storage for computers and research materials, napping areas, a separate kitchen/dining room, engaging writers' workshops, and more. 

About Our Board of Directors

The Writers Room trustees are professional writers themselves. They understand the needs of writers and work closely with the executive director and support staff to keep the Room accessible, affordable, comfortable and conducive to creating excellent writing. The WR advisory board also comprises leading members of the writing community and creative disciplines.

2018 WR Board  

Doron Weber  President

Michael Berg   Vice President/Secretary

Tom Shachtman  Treasurer  

Ann Banks  

Charles Graeber  

Toni Kamins  

Anne Landsman

Nancy Milford (WR founder) 

Stephen Reynolds  

Charles Ruas

Lisa Smith

Shelby White

Enduring Support For Writers

The Writers Room is one of the last havens in the city where writers can produce affordably. WR membership fees are less than $5 a day for 24/7/365 access, thanks, in part, to generous gifts and grants from members themselves, friends of literature, and donors such as those listed below:

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The Writers Room is New York City's only nonprofit, shared work space for writers. We offer as much as we do (professional writing work space, 24 hours a day, in an elevator building with lobby security) for as little as we do thanks to the generosity of government agencies, foundations, corporations and individuals. If you love the cause of good writing, won't you please make a 100% tax-deductible donation today to The Writers Room? Thank you.

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